Saturday, October 31, 2009

Funding Announcement for 2010

I'm very excited to announce that Disciples HIV-AIDS Ministry will be fully funded for 2010!

The Indiana State Department of Health has offered Disciples HIV-AIDS Ministry a $30,000 contract to provide HIV prevention services and testing in the Wabash Valley of western central Indiana. In addition to the state contract I have received additional grants notifications totaling $35,000 for a total of $65,000!

I'm very excited about the state contract. This is the first time in many years any organization in our area has been funded. While the state contract is specific for use in the Wabash Valley of Indiana, the additional grant funds are unrestricted geographically.

The first major event we will conduct will be an HIV Awareness Campaign and HIV testing drive at Barton College in Wilson, N.C. on February 1st and 2nd! I promised to get a press release out soon with all the details!



Monday, October 5, 2009

More on the Chalice

I just became aware that my friend Verity wrote a great piece about the chalice, read about it on Disciples World Online !

Safe Place

Have you ever needed a safe place? Sure you have, we all have.

Last week I was in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Department of Health and we were debating the Universal Health Care Plan currently before Congress.

I've read the current piece of legislation in its entirety and I can tell you that it's not perfect, but it's a good start. The point I made to the people participating in my conversation was that since June 1 of this year, 5 clients in my area have died while on the waiting list for insurance. These people all previously had insurance at work but were laid off due to the current economic issues. After being laid off, they were unable to pay the costs to keep their insurance. Three of these people were back at work but, due to their pre-existing condition, they are now uninsurable.

I couldn't take it any more, so I walked out and down the road to Disciples Center. I went upstairs to see my friend Wilma and she was gracious to leave me alone in her cubicle for a few moments to cry out my anguish. When she returned, she asked me if I had seen the new chapel downstairs, I told her I had not but promised to visit it on the way out and I did.

What a wonderful place of peace. I sat in prayer and meditation for a few moments and began to look around. I was amazed to discover a communion set that was used at Cane Ridge! Having a few minutes alone in this chapel helped me to recover and re-affirm my commitment to finishing the business at hand.

If you find yourself in Indianapolis, and need a safe safe place to cry, I recommend that you stop by the chapel and Disciples Center, and if you see Wilma, tell her thanks!